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In an effort to broaden my skillset, I invested in a studio light tent bought on eBay, to capture product images. I have played around with this tent using the white, black and green backgrounds that came with the tent.

I have placed the tent in my backyard using available natural light and I have also placed it near a large window on the south side of the house. At this time of the year when the sun in low in the “southern” sky, there is an abundance of light in the afternoon to light my tent.

On New Year’s eve I was playing around with a soda can and this bottle. The can had more reflections than I cared to see. The Ting grapefruit drink bottle was much easier to photograph. After many tries with different lens and varying angles, I thought the image below was the best of the bunch.

This images was captured with my Canon EOS 7D camera and Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L lens set at 60mm. Here are the other relevant settings:

Shooting Mode: Aperture-Priority AE
Shutter Speed: 1/20
Aperture Value: 4.0
Metering Mode: Center-Weighted Average Metering
ISO Speed: 200
Image Size: 3888×2592 pixels

The camera and lens were supported on a Bogen tripod and I used the self-timer to ensure maximum sharpness.

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We have been experiencing colder than normal weather with temp. dropping below 30 degrees in some locations. As a result some maple tree have gone through a progression of color changes similar to that seen up north.

I saw the most spectacular “red maple tree” while visiting Tree Tops Park (Davie FL) on Monday December 13th. Here are two images of this colorful scene:

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I teamed up with other photographers I met through to shoot models at a studio in Dade county. Over 20 photographers were at the meet and I got a chance to listen to some of the pros as they share their experience about indoor lighting and shooting model indoor.

The following shots were what I considered my best efforts for the day:

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On a sunny day in south Florida I was driving along the Rickenbacker Causeway and noticed the new paved area near the beach. From this paved area on the southside of the highway I was able to get majestic views of the buildings along Brickell Avenue.

The building below is the Santa Maria Condominium at 1643 Brickell Avenue. This condo was completed in 1997 and has 51 stories. Currently (Sep 2011) there is a unit on the 8th floor for sale. It’s a 2/2 condo covering 2100 square feet for only $945,999.

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